The Blonde Bookworm: Storm Born by Amy Braun - Review

Storm Born by Amy Braun - Review

Monday, May 2, 2016

Title: Storm Born 
Author: Amy Braun  
Paperback: 350 pages 
Publisher: Amy Braun (March 26, 2016) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0993875866 
ISBN-13: 978-0993875861 
Genre: Young Adult | Urban Fantasy

Every 100 years, planet Earth is destroyed by hurricanes, tornados, dust storms and other natural disasters. As The Centennial Storm is approaching, Ava and her family try to do what they can at home to wait out the storm. As Ava is attempting to close off her home and protect her family, she is washed out into the storm and comes face to face with what she thought was a myth, The Stormkind. Just before this mythical creature is about to take her life, a strange man grabs Ava and stabs her with a crystal blade, giving her abilities that she never could have imagined.

Ava is forced to learn to adapt to her new powers while attempting to protect her family at the same time. She comes into contact with a strange group of secret guardians and she must learn to trust them as well as trust herself and her strange new abilities if she wants to protect her family… and the entire world.

Once again, Amy Braun has blown me away! This story is unlike anything I have ever read. Ava and the Stormkind had me sucked in within minutes and I could only put it down long enough to stuff my face and suck down more caffeine. I’m serious, the only reason I stopped reading is because my stomach was growling at me and complaining about a lack of nutrition.

Ava is such a strong leading character. She’s that type of girl that all other girls wish they could be. Braun has a good habit of creating strong female leads and I LOVE that about her writing.  Throughout the story, the reader is allowed to follow along as Ava transforms from a normal Florida girl into a strong, power wielding Stormkind. She protects those she loves, fights those she doesn’t, and falls for one she would never imagine possible.

There were so many ups and downs throughout Ava’s story and enough action to keep me begging for more. I love Braun’s writing style and the “realness” of her characters. She truly allows the reader to connect with her characters and feel totally sucked into the story. Well done Amy, well done.  

*Rating 4/5  

Storm Born releases tomorrow, May 3rd! So, go grab your copy and be on the lookout for a release day giveaway.


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