The Blonde Bookworm: Midnight Sky by Amy Braun -- Review

Midnight Sky by Amy Braun -- Review

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Title: Midnight Sky - Dark Sky Series (Book 2)
Author: Amy Braun
Pages: 338
ISBN: 0993875882
Publisher: August 2nd 2016 by Amy Braun


There are secrets, there are betrayals, and there are sacrifices… 

The Behemoth has been destroyed, and the bloodthirsty Hellions seem to have left Westraven. But Claire Abernathy’s mind is not at ease. A terrible disease plagues her sister, appearing to have been brought on the Vesper, the leader of the Hellions beyond the tear between worlds– the Breach.

To save Abby and stop the Hellions for good, Claire must find the machine her parents built before the attacks, and fix it before the monsters return. To do so, she needs the help of her crew, and must ignore the secrets and rivalries between her captain and the man she saved.

Because the Hellions are not the only dangers following Claire. Twisted humans and old enemies surface to stop her and destroy all she loves. While she is determined to endure the trials, a single betrayal could shatter the hope of a better world, and force Claire to make a choice that will cost her dearly…


Guys, if I've learned anything over the past few months it's that Amy Braun is a killer writer. Every time she sends me a new book I start it immediately and can't seem to put it down. Midnight Sky is no exception to that statement. Braun continues the story of Claire, Sawyer, and their motley crew right where it left off in the first book and I soaked up every last page until I was left with the the biggest cliffhanger yet. I ought to hurt her for it, but I won't because I don't want to do anything that will delay the next book coming out! 

The book begins with Claire and her crew searching for her parents' journal that describes the device created to open the divide between two worlds, our world and the Hellions'. They attempt to permanently shut the "breach" and close the Hellions out for good. The crew faces many obstacles including other humans as well as the hellions themselves. There are some killer fight scenes, a couple mushy love scenes (not too many), and some intense dramatic build-ups. There is no shortage of action in this book and I always love how Braun incorporates such strong female leads. Go ladies! 

In summary, Braun has created yet another serious page turner that I would highly recommend to all of my young adult fans out there. It is a quick read and incredibly enjoyable. Now, I guess I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs until book 3 comes out in February. 

Rating 4/5

*Thank you Amy for sharing your hard work with me! I always enjoy reading your beautifully crafted stories! 


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