The Blonde Bookworm: Dark Diary by P. Anastasia -- Review

Dark Diary by P. Anastasia -- Review

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Title: Dark Diary 
Author: P. Anastasia 
Pages: 332
Published: September 26th 2016 by P. Anastasia
ISBN: 0997448512


Worlds collide when a young woman with a dark past encounters a young man with an even darker one. More human than vampire, Dark Diary is a quaint, sophisticated romance detailing the accounts of two lovers who have paid the ultimate price...

Forbidden romance in the vein of classics like Wuthering Heights, frosted with the seductive allure of the original Dark Shadows, Dark Diary documents a pair torn apart by time. The story is told by a 400-year-old immortal and a 21-year-old modern-day artist.

He's haunted by guilt over the passing of a friend and lover--the daughter of an English Baron in 17th century Ireland.

She's tormented nightly by visions of her own untimely death.

Together, they find solace by sharing secrets beneath the light of the moon.

From the author of the Fluorescence Series, this timeless, genre-crossing love story with supernatural undertones, will capture your heart and never let go.


I was lucky enough to score an ARC of this amazing book from P. Anastasia. She put so much thought into her packaging and even sent a dog bone for my puppy! After reading the summary and a few reviews, I knew I would enjoy this book. The dark romance caught my attention from the first page. P. Anastasia  does a fantastic job of jumping back and forth between past and present time as well as changing points of view. Often times, this can leave the reader lost and confused. Have no fear, in the case of Dark Diary, the changes left me wanting more! 

P. Anastasia has a beautiful writing style and I absolutely loved her different take on vampires. There was more to the story than just blood sucking and killing. She told a story of love, hard times, and people leaning on each other to make it another day. I absolutely loved the beginning of the story and how each character and their past was described completely. There were a few parts towards the end of the story that I felt needed a little more explanation. The first half of the story was incredibly descriptive, but the second half felt slightly rushed. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed diving into the world of Dark Diary and look forward to what comes next for these characters... hopefully there will be a next book!?! I absolutely loved P. Anastasia's writing style and look forward to reading more of her novels. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy romance with a little supernatural flair! 

Thank you P. Anastasia for sharing your lovely novel with me! 

Rating 3.5/5


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