The Blonde Bookworm: Strange News from Nowhere by Logan Riley -- Review

Strange News from Nowhere by Logan Riley -- Review

Monday, December 26, 2016

Title: Strange News from Nowhere 
Author: Logan Riley 
Publisher: July 6th 2016 by Riley
Pages: 138 


He wasn't our best journalist. In fact, we just let him run wild and deliver stories when he could. 
Then he disappeared. 

All we have left is this small collection of what we, his editors, think are his best articles.


Strange News from Nowhere is an intriguing collection of short stories about strange happenings that a journalist attempts to jot down. He travels near and far to meet with strangers who spontaneously combust, those who turn into chalk, those who can take their heart right out of their chest, and many more interesting characters. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Riley's writing style and the creativity in every single story. Each character was described with such beautiful imagery, and I felt like I could picture them right in front of me. The characters made me feel their pain, joy, fear, and anger and I loved how real they all seemed. 

Strange News from Nowhere is very different from everything else I have read this year, but I loved every page. It was a quick read and really caught my attention from the beginning. Thank you Logan for sharing your "strange news" with me. I would definitely recommend this to friends! 

Rating 4/5 


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