The Blonde Bookworm: Anna and the Apocalypse -- Christmas Playlist

Anna and the Apocalypse -- Christmas Playlist

Monday, October 22, 2018

Title: Anna and the Apocalypse 
Author: Katharine Turner with Barry Waldo 
Pages: 272
Publishing: October 23rd 2018 by Imprint


School's out for the end of the world.

Anna and the Apocalypse is a horror comedy about a teenager who faces down a zombie apocalypse with a little help from her friends.

Anna Shepherd is a straight-A student with a lot going on under the surface: she's struggling with her mom's death, total friend drama, and the fallout from wasting her time on a very attractive boy. She's looking forward to skipping town after graduation--but then a zombie apocalypse majorly disrupts the holidays season. It's going to be very hard to graduate high school without a brain.

To save the day, Anna, her friends, and her frenemies will have to journey straight to the heart of one of the most dangerous places ever known, a place famous for its horror, terror, and pain...high school.

This novel is inspired by the musical feature film, Anna and the Apocalypse.


And now for the fun stuff! 

With Halloween right around the corner, that means it's time to start dreaming of Christmas right? Anna and the Apocalypse is the perfect horror/comedy/musical mashup to get you in the zombie killing Christmas season! This movie has already had a few mixed reviews, but I think it looks hilarious (just think Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land). 

Click HERE for the official YouTube trailer. 

While watching the trailer and reading the novel, I came up with a little Christmas inspired Anna playlist. This list is filled with slightly less common covers and I hope you enjoy it! Click the links below to listen! 

1. White Christmas - Guns N's Roses
2. Mistletoe - Justin Bieber  
3. Let It Snow - Twisted Sister 
4. All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey
5. Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel - Halford
6. Jingle Bell Rock - Glee Cast 
7. Silent Night - Stevie Nicks 
8. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town - The Pointer Sisters 
9. Baby It's Cold Out There - Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon Levitt
10. Christmas All Over Again - Tom Petty 
11. My Only Wish - Britney Spears 
12. Please Come Home For Christmas - Bon Jovi
13. Sleigh Ride - Miley Cyrus and Bill Murray


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