The Blonde Bookworm: The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray -- Review

The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray -- Review

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Title: The Patient One 
Author: Shelley Shepard Gray 
Pages: 304
Publishing: April 9th 2019 by Gallery Books


Seven former best friends reunite and struggle to heal after the tragic death of one of their own in this evocative and heartrending novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Gift and Her Secret

When word had gotten out that Andy Warner had committed suicide, everyone in Walnut Creek, Ohio, had been shocked. For seven men and women in their twenties, some Amish, some Mennonite, and some English, each of whom had once counted his or herself as one of Andy’s best friends, it had been extremely painful.

And, maybe, a source of guilt.

Years have passed since they’d all been together last. Some of them got into trouble. A couple got into arguments. Eventually they all drifted apart. But even though none of them really saw each other anymore, there was a steadfast certainty that they’d always have each other’s backs—even when no one else did. Their bond was that strong…until Andy did the unthinkable.

Now the seven remaining friends, still reeling from Andy’s death, have vowed to look after each other again. As far as they’re concerned, it doesn’t matter that they’re now in their twenties and have drifted far apart. They need to connect again…for Andy.

With her signature “taut writing” (RT Book Reviews), Shelley Shepard Gray delivers a lyrical and heartfelt tale of friendship and forgiveness.


This was definitely a new genre for me. Contemporary women's fiction but with a strong Amish background. It was interesting and entertaining, but I don't know if it was for me. The love stories were really sweet and I think the main theme of the story was great, but I just couldn't find a connection with the characters. I felt like they weren't really relatable for me and that made the novel fall a little flat. 

It was a quick and easy read and it kept me entertained. I would recommend this novel to readers who are interested in a unique women's fiction read. I think you have to be a little open minded for this novel, and it just wasn't my cup of tea. Thank you to Netgalley and Gallery for sending this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Review 2.5/5


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