The Blonde Bookworm: Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop -- Review

Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop -- Review

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Title: Broken Bay
Author: Andrea Dunlop
Publishing: May 2nd 2017 by Atria Books
Pages: ebook 112 
ISBN: 1501174878


Bridesmaids meets Lost in this compelling novella about a destination bachelorette party gone awry from the author of Losing the Light, one of Redbook’s Best Books of 2016.

Hannah—knee-deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials—is ready for some R&R. Stealing off to a quiet, secluded island off the coast of Washington state for good wine and fresh air with her four best friends seems like the perfect way to spend her bachelorette weekend.

But the island may have other ideas.

Halfway through the trip, the bride-to-be mysteriously disappears, leaving the bridesmaids confused and increasingly panicked. To make matters worse, there’s something…amiss about the house they’re staying in. As the tension rises, personalities clash, secrets spill out, and the girls begin seeing and hearing things they can’t explain. While Hannah’s friends desperately try to discover what has happened to her, an ominous storm rolls in that could trap them on the island indefinitely. Now the girls who came to celebrate with Hannah begin to wonder, is she going to make it to the wedding? Is she going to make it home at all?


Andrea Dunlop has become an auto by author for me. Her first novel, Losing the Light, was wonderful so I knew I needed to read her new novella Broken Bay. And look at that cover... how could you say no to that gorgeous artwork? I was not disappointed with Dunlop's most recent work and she kept me on the edge of my seat and little scared from start to finish. I even sent her a message about half way through the story, shaming her for scaring the mess out of me! The novella is a quick read, but be prepared to read the whole thank ing in one sitting because it is extremely difficult to put down. 

The characters in the novella are all so interesting. I loved getting to know a little about each of them and I felt like I was on the bachelorette trip with them. The conversations were all so honest and I loved how certain topics were discussed in such a realistic manor. It felt like the characters were real instead of some made up fantasy version of what girls want to be. I found myself wishing the novel was longer so I could hang out with the characters a little more. 

Broken Bay is a fun and quick read and I highly recommend it. I would love to read this again with friends because I think it would be a great book to discuss in a book club. There are too many things to spoil in this book so I will keep my review short in order to not give away too much! I highly recommend Dunlop's new novella. You won't regret picking it up! 

Rating 4/5 


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